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Grounds in Dubí u Teplic

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Basic infoType: Others
Name: Grounds in Dubí u Teplic
Address: Ruská
District: Teplice
Locality Number:

Infrastructure0 Water
0 Low electricity
0 High voltage electricity
0 Sewerage
0 Distribution of gas
0 Data networks
0 Water utility
0 Waterway

SpecifikationThe best way anticipated the possible use of: Civic amenities

Extension possibility

Limits and constraints
(Environmental burdens, etc.)

Other informations

The land is offered in the public auction.


Detailed info:

Other Information

Specification of free areas

The land No. 874/6 with the acreage 2271 m2, type of land: other area (separated from the land No. 874/2 with a geometric plan No. 1220-1408/2014 dated 3.11.2014) 


The area is located at the North-western edge of the town of Dubí, close to the house "Výšina" of the Podkrušnohoří Home of Social Services Dubí-Teplice.

It is undeveloped and slightly declining to South-East. Access to the area is along the narrow, steep, paved public road from Ruská Street and then along the unpaved dirt road which is in the ownership of the Town of Dubí. In Dubí Land Use Planning the land is registered in the areas to be developed for civic amenities. Utility connections to the area are not built. On the part of the land there is some mature permanent vegetation. It is coherent vegetation of deciduous trees growing in full with the prevalence of self-seeded trees. 


Priced with an expert 567 750 CZK





Transport accessibility10 km from the border
10 km from the highway
0 km of main roads
3 km from the bus stop
3 km from the train station
100 km from the airport

OwnerOwner: Ing. Vladislava Zeilerová
Contact: 475 657 411

GPS50.6773900, 13.7885464
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