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Křešice Complex

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Basic infoType: Industrial Zone
Name: Křešice Complex
Address: Křešice
District: Děčín
Locality Number: DE014

Infrastructure1 Water
1 Low electricity
0 High voltage electricity
1 Sewerage
1 Distribution of gas
0 Data networks
0 Water utility
0 Waterway

SpecifikationThe best way anticipated the possible use of: small-scale production, warehousing

Extension possibility

Limits and constraints
(Environmental burdens, etc.)

Other informations

It is a free area suitable for the construction of premises, buindings and equipment for industrial production, manufacturing services and transport, storerooms and premises, commercial, lodging houses, corresponding communication network with links to the superior city transport system, parking lots. Buried services are located at the edge of the estate.


DE014_Prumyslova-zona-Kresice_ENG.pdf  (301.69 kB)



Transport accessibility13 km from the border
0 km from the highway
0 km of main roads
0 km from the bus stop
0 km from the train station
114 km from the airport

OwnerOwner: PF a soukromý majitel
Contact: Tereza Svobodová, tel: +420 412 593 284

GPS50.752922971, 14.19521211
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Cadastral mapKN
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