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Louka Industrial Zone - part B

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Basic infoType: Industrial Zone
Name: Louka Industrial Zone - part B
Address: Litvínov
District: Most
Locality Number: MO001

Infrastructure1 Water
1 Low electricity
1 High voltage electricity
0 Sewerage
0 Distribution of gas
0 Data networks
1 Water utility
0 Waterway

SpecifikationThe best way anticipated the possible use of: Production, assembly, products completion

Extension possibility

Limits and constraints
(Environmental burdens, etc.)

Other informations

Of the total area ca 3 ha is usable for above surface constructions because of the occurrence of protected mining land. The ramaining part i usable for transport, parking and reinforced storing area. Without ecological burden. It is a slightly sloping land oriented to the South.


MO001_Prumyslova-zona-Louka---cast-B_ENG.pdf  (100.46 kB)



Transport accessibility27 km from the border
45 km from the highway
0 km of main roads
0 km from the bus stop
1 km from the train station
86 km from the airport

OwnerOwner: Město Litvínov
Contact: Petr Bryl odbor investic a regionálního rozvoje, Tel:476 767 839

GPS50.596368656, 13.62766062
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Cadastral mapKN
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