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Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone

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Basic infoType: Industrial Zone
Name: Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone
Address: Žatec
District: Louny
Locality Number: LN007

Infrastructure1 Water
1 Low electricity
1 High voltage electricity
1 Sewerage
1 Distribution of gas
1 Data networks
1 Water utility
0 Waterway

SpecifikationThe best way anticipated the possible use of: IZ is mainly meant for investors the business and investment plans of whom are from the fields of manufacturing (except of fields focusing of primary raw materials processing), fields of strategic services, technological centres or from the area of R&

Extension possibility

Limits and constraints
(Environmental burdens, etc.)

Other informations

Basic information about the zone

Name: Strategic Industrial Zone Triangle

Country: Czech Republic

NUTS II: North - West

Region: Ústí Region

District: Louny

Municipality with extended competency: Žatec

Municipality/administrative territory: Žiželice, Staňkovice, Velemyšleves and Bitozeves

Former use: Žatec military airport

Type of the zone: strategic industrial zone / large-scale business park

Total area: 364 ha

Area for investors: 128,9 ha

Price for 1 m2 of the land plot: 14,5 EUR without VAT and no other hidden fees

Planned number of job vacancies: 7 000 - 9 000


Characteristic of the Industrial Zone

Triangle strategic industrial zone is situated at the border of three districts: Chomutov, Most and Louny. From traffic point of view the zone is very well accessible since it is situated at Žatec ex-military airport. The site adjoins highway D7 Prague - Chomutov - Hora Sv. Šebestiána/Reitzenhain (FRG); another arterial road I/27 Most - Žatec - Plzeň is about 1 km from the site. The Triangle industrial zone is mainly intended for investors whose business and investment plans are focused on manufacturing industry (except first-stage processing of raw materials), strategic services, technological centres and/or those operating in the field of research and development, CZ-NACE 10 - 33 (originally OKEČ 15 - 37). With consent granted by the owner of the zone, the Ústí Region, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Triangle zone can also host businesses from the field of logistics, facility management, waste management, filling stations and/or other support companies servicing businesses already based in the zone (so called „manufacture servicing”).


On the territory of the Triangle strategic industrial zone, land plots of various dimensions are prepared for sale. There are not any barriers (physical or administrative) on these land plots that would prevent the immediate commencement of preparation for construction of new industrial facilities. The final report on groundwater remediation (abbreviated version) in the industrial zone is available through the Director Department of the Ústí Region. All connection points to the already existing full-capacity utilities networks are located within a maximum distance of 20 metres from the boundary of the land plots intended for sale. In the case of standard construction of ordinary manufacturing facilities whose production will not potentially threaten the environment, it is realistic to prepare and realize construction of such facilities within the course of 12 months. However, there is the necessity of close cooperation of the investor and the investor's design and engineering companies, which will ensure the preparation of the construction, with all state administrative bodies that will issue individual partial land and construction rulings.

Basic conditions determined for SPZ Triangle of adjacent municipalities zoning plans

The area of the SPZ Triangle interferes with zoning plans of settlement Bitozeves, Staňkovice, Velemyšleves and Žiželice. The named zoning plans include these same basic conditions, for some types of areas are then modified conditions:


  • in the SPZ Triangle area will be at each bulding (each investor) minimally 30 % of the greening.
  • height limit for buildings of build-up area is 15 m. Higher objects are considered to be visually very exposed and it is therefore proposed in the case of their exceeding in the SPZ Triangle to be secured their architectural quality through participation in an authorized architect of the project and by positive opinion of the Chief Architect for the territorial Circuit (Žatec).


2015_08_letacek-o-SPZT.pdf  (13.69 MB)
PZ_Triangle_EN.pdf  (532.81 kB)



Transport accessibility35 km from the border
1 km from the highway
1 km of main roads
0 km from the bus stop
3 km from the train station
60 km from the airport

OwnerOwner: Ústecký kraj
Contact: Bc. Jaroslav KRCH, mobil: +420 778 421 488

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